Bachmann's Pools Spas and Patios - Sauna

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Bachmann's Pools Spas and Patios - Sauna

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IS44 Combination Hybrid Sauna - 20 amp/110v - 4'x4' .  Delivery and installation inccluded within Dane County.

Bachmann Pools & Spas, LLC was established in 1985 in Madison, WI. Since then, we have become the leading wellness provider of Southwestern Wisconsin with our famous Hot Spring Spas and our internationally awarded service center.  Our product lines include: The complete collection of Hot Spring Spas, Endless Pools, Helo Saunas, Radiant, Doughboy & Splash Pools, and Bioguard Chemical Products.


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2225 S. Stoughton Rd.
Madison, WI 53716
Phone: 608-222-7727

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